Wisdom of a World Traveler.

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I write this the day after working with Chinese clients in Japan while working for a German company and just after visiting the Hiroshima Museum. The fact that this American businessman can do this is proof that humanity improves as one. My father was WWII Navy in these parts, and part of the atomic testing at Bikini Atoll islands. It will take some time to come to terms with what I viewed today. I highly recommend visiting Hiroshima Museum and Atomic Bomb Dome. 


We have less atomic weapons on the planet today than when I graduated high school. The concerns remain the same as many leaders in power associate greatness with conquering. That's the fundamental problem; no one wins a violent event. You do not become a better person by hurting others. With self-defense being the only exception. We should ALL celebrate that we now have dialog with the Rocket Man in North Korea. 


There are many arguments against our current one world economy but we must have common ground to interact amongst countries in order learn from each other. Music, film and artists of all kinds provide unity too but not without economics. 


With global economics come dominant players good and bad.  Align yourself with those billionaires and billion dollar companies whom give back to the greater good. And beware of manipulated politicians in between.


Propaganda is real. Billionaires own the world's major media outlets, the more they report a point, and the less likely it is to be true. Learn to read on issues yourself, take time to read this thoroughly, several times too as needed. 


You’re entitled to be free.  No one owes you anything. 


Sports and politics:  Be careful here, you can align yourself with a sports team. Aligning yourself with a political party weakens you.  Be open-minded and remind your politicians that we are one humanity on one spinning ember.  Don't get caught up in tribal politics. If you’re sports team wins or loses your still just you, the same with political victories and losses. So don't be a whiny person proclaiming gloom and doom. And vote!


Pay attention to astrology and geology to remind you that humanities existence is very short here on our fragile little planet.  We are all part of one brief moment of cosmic time. 


It's natural that humankind continues to strive for betterment. And working together provides learning opportunities for all sides. The ultimate benefit from a unified global economy is the simple gathering of knowledge from others. 


Trying your best at anything is inherent in all of us. If you’re not trying to be better then you're not living. Constant complaining of others is detrimental to this. Just be the best you and bite your lip on the rest. 


Betterment of the environment is with actions, not tribal identity to a political cause. Go plant trees instead of cheering for a team and badgering perceived opposition. The past century of worldwide deforestation is more a cause to me than fossil fuels use is, certainly of more importance than plastic straw concerns. There are many environmental improvements being made every day worldwide. This current business meeting is part of Chinas initiatives going green. We (Siemens WS) help clean water. 


The best way to make you better is to learn from others.  It's been said many times before but every person has a story to tell and a lesson to learn no matter if this person is deemed lesser or greater than thee. A wise person listens. Looking down on other's will not help you grow to be better. 


To date I've traveled for more than two decades in more than thirty countries. I've worked and befriended people in all the major religions without harm or conflict. The media imposes fear to keep you in tune. Fear nothing if you want to truly live your brief moment.  Stop the hatred towards other religions, your embarrassing yourself when you share garbage posts on social media.  


Respect all religions and their God and only beware of the atheist as surely God's exist.  Know your American history too; we are a country founded on freedom of religion.  And at the risk of offending some deeply devoted I will remind the reader that religion is manmade. God's did not write books so beware of current men interpreting other writers. You must trust your own faith. Be spiritual and believe in a God, but don't be blinded by a fellow man. Trust yourself and hug those that need a hug.  


Looking to the future one can only imagine what we collectively could be if each society learned from the best quality of the others. For an example: we should all try and learn from the discipline of the Japanese worker and their expertise in quality control. There's a reason I still own my 1980 Kawasaki and only use Canon cameras.  And their train system is extraordinary 


Successful businesses watch, learn, act, and grow. Constant improvement is mandatory. Humans can't stay at one age any more than a city or a business can stay at one age.  Accepting that life changes is mandatory. Don't waste your time complaining on every change. Just be you and enjoy your ride. Do your best to lead or get ahead of changes.  


Globally in the past decades we have seen the power of the internet awaken oppressed people who demanded change. Pay attention to differentiate real rebellions of truly oppressed, ignore manufactured protests designed and financed without substance. Puppies bark. 


Quality control and politics. There are two types of people. Those who only focus and vocalize on problems. And those who see the problems and focus on solutions. Get rid of politicians that don't accomplish anything. A poor inspector only rejects, a good inspector gets results. A bad politician reacts with complaints, a good politician leads change. 


Have a sense of humor. Judge the actions of person more than their words. Actions define racism far more than words do. 


There you have it, religion, politics, environment, social issues and world economics made simple.  All the other so called news is manipulative garbage, watch less of it. Ignore opinionated talking heads.  Go explore your world and strive to be your best, don’t worry about comparing yourself to others unless you plan to learn something to your betterment or that of others. 


You only get one life and it lives forward, not in the past. You only get one reputation, that does flow backwards in time so be honorable. Fix mistakes, we

All make them, we are only human. 


Lastly, take time to balance your life and travels. All work and no play makes for a dull day and hardened spirit. Enjoy the simple things and live passionately and in peace.  






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